According to popular belief, the children of our country depend on their parents for the whole of their student life (about 24-25 years). On the other hand, the children of developing countries are not only able to bear their own expenses in their student life, but they are also able to support their families with their earned money in their student life. If they can, then why should the boys and girls of our country spend most of their student life relying only on their parents? We all know that the education rate of our country is not 100% yet. A special reason for this is affordability. Most of the parents in our country are unable to pay for the education of their children including 24-25 years of age. So most of the students are deprived of higher education. But if our boys and girls could bear their own expenses by doing something from their student life, then the education rate in our country does not need much time to be 100%. I mean to do something in student life but I am not asking anyone to do day labor or do anything except your study. You must keep in mind that student life means your main job will be to study and then do something at the time of leisure. There is no shortage of such work in this digital age. Because in the digital age, you will get such benefits that you will not work if you want, you will not do when you want, you will do when you have time, you will not do when you don't have time That means there is no obligation here. Today I am going to mention some of these works in this article. Seeing that, you will be able to do something in addition to studying in student life and you will be able to bear your own expenses. 

1. You can earn money by sharing your knowledge on YouTube

If you want to do something in student life, you will not find any better medium than YouTube. Because YouTube is a platform where you can earn a good amount at the end of the month with some time every day. We all know that YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. If you wish, you can create a YouTube channel in your own name and leave videos on various topics. The more videos you release, the more views your videos will have, and after a while YouTube will enable you to monetize their default source of income and you will be able to earn a good amount. There is no reason to worry about choosing topics on YouTube. You can use your education qualification if you want. Suppose you are now a student of Inter 1st year, then you must know very well about your lower classes from 1st class to 10th class. So if you want, you can make videos on different topics and upload them on YouTube. It will benefit many students and you will be able to earn some money from those views very easily. It is possible to make videos. And if you give a video like this every day, you will see that you will get a good amount of views every month and you can also make a good sacrifice from there.

2. Earnings from Facebook

Currently, Facebook has also enabled their default source of income in Bangladesh. Since in the context of Bangladesh, Facebook has more users and popularity than YouTube, so if you want, you can make your part-time income source on Facebook as well. For this, first of all you have to create a Facebook page, then upload videos regularly to that page like a lot of YouTube and after fulfilling a certain target there, Facebook will give you the opportunity to monetize your page and give you the opportunity to earn income. So if you want, you can earn a good amount from Facebook every month.

3. Educational blogging

If you want, you can earn money by sharing your knowledge online with everyone. For this you first need to create a blog site then you can write on your blog about various topics you know. And when you regularly publish good articles on your blog, your blog will continue to be popular and your blog will gain a lot of popularity from time to time, then you can earn money from there in various ways if you want. However, the most popular and popular way to earn money is Google Adsense. You can write about various educational topics on your blog.

4. Income from philanthropy

Lately, the profession of philanthropy has gained a lot of popularity in our country. So if you want you can do financing as well as your study and you can earn. In order to do philanthropy, you first need to be proficient in a number of online based tasks. Then you have to join different marketplaces to get the job that you are good at. And if you try a little, you can easily get the job done and earn money by performing it. Which is prevalent all over the world. You can earn a good amount of money if you can become proficient in any one of the tasks (graphics design, web design, web development, video editing, motion graphics, SEO) etc.

5. Income from various services related to education

You can earn money by using your mobile, laptop and internet to help students in various activities of their curriculum. In academic life, a student has to perform various tasks including online registration, scholarship application, research. Which is not possible for many students. As a result, they have the cooperation of various experienced people. You can do those things if you want and charge an amount in return and this way you can earn very easily....

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