We often look at the lifestyle, fan followers, and monthly income of various successful YouTubers and wish that we would also be a successful YouTuber. So many people started creating a YouTube channel to fulfill that desire. However, not everyone can succeed in this work, most of them fail. There are several reasons behind this failure. And I've been researching for a while now and I've found the reasons for that failure and I'm going to share them with you today. In addition, I myself am a YouTuber and I have a fair knowledge of YouTube. So for those of you who are new to YouTuber or are thinking that you too will start YouTube, this is my article today. Hopefully after reading today's entire article. You can easily understand why a YouTuber does not succeed or fails later, then if you work on YouTube then inshallah you can easily become a successful YouTuber. 

Things you must do to be successful on YouTube:

1. Working with the right topic: There are many of us who come to YouTube and start working on a wrong topic which is the main reason behind your failure later. The thing that most of you do is get into YouTube first and then see that the topics that are popular means that you also start working on other topics that have made YouTube successful. It is a very wrong decision. Just because he is successful does not mean that he will succeed in the same subject as easily. You must work on a topic that you like well, that will benefit you and that you have the knowledge to make a video on that topic. Then you don't have to bother to make videos anymore. Which will one day take you to the far end of success.

2. Quality and Watch time: No matter what kind of video you make, your video must have quality. There is no way you can get your videos ranked without quality. Because when there is no quality in your video but no one will watch your whole video. This will reduce the watch time of your video which is very detrimental to your video ranking. So if you want to rank the video, you must increase the video watch time. And to increase watch time, you need to bring quality to the video. Without quality, no one will watch your video in the end.

3. Regular video uploads: One thing you must keep in mind to be successful on YouTube is whether you are a regular on your channel. This problem is especially prevalent among newcomers, as a result of which they cannot go very far. You must leave regular videos whenever you create a new YouTube channel because when you leave regular videos your users will easily connect with your channel which is a very good sign to succeed on YouTube. I never know that if you leave a video today, there is no news for 2-3 weeks, and if you leave 3-4 videos a day, there is no news for several days. Of course, whether you leave a video every day or one in 3 days or one in a week, you have to be regular in this way.

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