While Corona is terrified all over the world, cyber criminals are using that panic to spread various scams. And it is most seen through e-mail. Various tempting mails are going through one by one in the mail inbox of almost every email user. The problem has also been seen in the inboxes of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Most of these emails or messages are fake. Clicking on such tempting emails or messages is extremely dangerous. This is because in most cases, cyber criminals send various types of malware in such mails or messages. So that as soon as you click, it is downloaded and installed on your computer and a lot of important information of your computer can be lost in an instant. Also the control of your computer can fall into the hands of cyber criminals. Even though these things are not new, people are the most deceived by the current corona virus. So today you have to be careful.

Some effective ways to protect yourself from such scams

1) Never click on any unexpected mail or message. If you have any unexpected mail, do not open it.

2) Do not click on any link attached to any important mail or message without confirmation.

3) Be sure about the source or sender of the email or message. Do not open it if there is any doubt.

4) If you suspect any mail as scam or phishing mail, report it.

5) Turn on Google's Advanced Protection System.

Be careful, stay fit.

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