Title tag

The title tag is very important for  web page. Because Search Engine uses title tag to find any web site.

Title tag

A title is the name or title of an HTML document. The title tag tells both the user and the search engine what is inside the page, meaning a title is the summary of a page. The title of the web page must be such that it does not match the title of any other page of the site, meaning the title must be unique and accurate.

The location of the title tag in the Search Window

When we see the search results in the browser, the page title is in the first line. An image below shows the location of the title tag, meta tag and website URL in the Search Window.

If the keyword with which the user will search is shown in bold in the search results and then the full page title, then the traffic of the site will increase manifold.

<title> ... </title> tags

The HTML document is titled using the <title> ... </title> tag. Page titles should always be set in a way that matches the content of the page.

HTML documents should not be given very long titles because it causes a lot of unnecessary words to go into the title and if the title is too big, it shows some parts of Google, not the whole.
There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to title tags:
1) The number of words in the title tag should be between 40-60,
2) No other tag can be used in the title tag,

The title of the best web page. should be short, relevant and informative.


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