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If you want to know about search engine optimization or SEO, you need to know about its various topics or terms. Some of the important terms of SEO are - backlinks, outbound links, cloaking etc. Below is an explanation of some important terms.


If there is a link to your site on another site, it may be a backlink for your site. This link is a link to your site's homepage or any other page. Backlinks are also called incoming links or inbound links.

Outbound link

An outbound link is the opposite of a backlink, meaning a link to another site if you have one. Outbound link is also called Out going link.

White hat SEO

If you do SEO without violating search engine guidelines or policies, then this type of optimization is called white hat SEO. The most important of these guidelines is to create a website for people that is not for the benefit of search engines.

Other policies include backlink link popularity, keyword research, link building, etc. White hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO.

Black hat SEO

This is the opposite of white hat, meaning that it is optimized without following the rules given by the search engines. Black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, invisible text, and more. It can also be called Unethical SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

It's part of Black Hat SEO. Filling the page with such keywords that the user can search by typing means keyword overloading. Many times such keywords are inserted in the input tag with hidden attributes so that the text is invisible to the user and the search engine has to read it. Again, the color of the page is the same as the color of the text, so the user can not see but the search engine. Keyword stuffing is often called Keyword Loading.

You should refrain from doing this. If the search engine finds out, it will kick out the site.

Link Popularity

This is to determine the quality of a site. It is based on quality inbound links (backlinks). Search engines build their algorithms based on link popularity to determine where a site will be on the search engine results page (SERP).

The only difference between quality backlinks and backlinks is that quality backlinks will be on a site that is similar to your site. For example, if w3schools has a link to, it is a quality backlink and if it is on Facebook, it will be just a backlink.

Link farm

The link firm is to open several websites and give the link of each site to each site. As a result, the backlinks of each site increased. If these are caught, search engines will rank your site as spamdexing.

Spamdexing is when search engines mark your site as if you have violated their guidelines. If search engine spamdexing your site then your whole SEO will end in failure. Spamdexing your site can be done for various reasons such as doing link firms, keyword stuffing, creating doorway pages, cloaking or simply black hat SEO.

Doorway page

This is to create a page where there are very few lines and these lines contain only keywords so that search engines can find a lot of keywords. This leads to keywords but there is not much information for users. If you go to this page, there is a link to another page or you are redirected to another page. It is called entry page, portal page, jump page, bridge page etc.


It is a technique that shows the search engine one type of content and the user another type of content. In this method, when a request for a page goes to the server, the IP address or user agent looks at it and understands whether it is a search engine bot / crawler / spider / scooter or a human. Spider shows one type of page when it sees and another type of page when humans.

Internal Link

This is a link from one page to another on your site. It is very important. For example, if you have a series of tutorials on your site, you will link to the previous page with anchor text to go from one page to the next. This will serve as a backlink to your site. This increases the page rank. You will see on Wikipedia site how many links to their site are in each line.


How many visits a site is getting is the traffic of that site. The traffic of a site is increasing which means the visitors of that site are increasing.

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