When a thief goes, intelligence increases. After losing my mobile, I also gained some intelligence. I want to share these intellects with you so that some of your intellects also grow. I did a little research on the net on how to recover a mobile from a thief. If you are a little aware you can easily recover your expensive mobile phone from the hands of thieves after it is stolen.

Thoughts before buying a mobile:

Find answers to two questions when buying a mobile.

1. If the power button is pressed for ten seconds, does the mobile turn off?
2. Can the battery be opened?

If the answer to both of these questions is 'no', then if your smartphone is stolen, you can catch the thief yourself. However, the thief must be caught within an hour of the theft. If it is late, the intelligent thief will root the phone (gain the ability to change the mobile's operating system). And he will not keep any of your settings.
And if the answer is "yes", it is better not to buy such a mobile. If such a mobile thief is caught, he can easily turn it off. As a result, you can't locate him or the mobile.

Things to do after buying a mobile:

The first thing to do after buying a mobile phone is to secure it. Follow the tips below for this.

1. Keep your mobile connected to the internet for 24 hours. Those who use WiFi at home keep mobile data on when they go out. If necessary, keep a mobile data pack dedicated for 31 days for mobile security. At least keep the internet on where there is a risk of theft. This is the only way to find mobile easily.

2. Keep GPS or location service on for 24 hours. Google Maps uses GPS to locate your pinpoint. It helps the police to locate you in times of danger.

3. Do the following tasks according to mobile.


i) Activate Settings> Security> Find My Mobile> Remote Controls. Add account to open an account for Samsung's website. Check the Use wireless network checkbox, agree to Location consent. Details: Click This Link: P & FV = FV: 18 & VC = VC: Y & SM = SM: Y & modelID = SM-N9005 & product = Galaxy% 20Note3


i) Settings> Security> Touch my Xperia, Touch Activate, then Accept to agree to the terms and conditions for my Xperia. Touch. It will ask you to open an account on my Xperia webpage. Open an account or you can login with a Google Account.


i) First you need to create an account at HTCSense.com. Then tick the Phone finder checkbox in Settingss> Location of your phone. (For other phones you can search on Google by typing "how to find lost symphony mobile" etc.)

ii) Tap on Device Administration in Security Settings. Activate Android Device manager.

iii) Tap on Location Service in Settings. Tick ​​all the checkboxes.
(The above settings may vary depending on the mobile. You can assume that when you are using a smartphone, you can manually set the security settings. If necessary, you can resort to Google.)

As a result of the above system, you can go to your accounted site, locate the mobile pinpoint and ring it. Check if the work is done by logging on to the registered site through another mobile or laptop. If there is a system to give mobile number on the site, don't forget to give it. This number will be the number used in your other set. If you change the SIM in the stolen set, many times you will get the number and location information of the thief in the form of SMS.

Some sets may not have the above settings. Whether you like it or not, take the help of two or three more apps. Some of the apps that can be trusted are TrestGo Inc's Antivirus and Mobile Security, Kaspersky inernet security, Cerberus anti theft, Prey Anti theft, etc. All have free versions as well as paid versions. However, Prey is completely free for three mobiles. Pirate copies of some are also available on torrent sites. Install as you see fit. The ones that can be used all the time by paying one time are good. All of them have to open an account on their own site which will be done when the app is launched. Make the settings of your choice in the app. I think at least two apps should be used. If for some reason you can't locate the lost phone in one, you can try the other. After installing the apps, check if they work properly by going to the relevant site from another mobile or computer and logging in to your account.
Be sure to keep the password used on the app or registered site with you forever.

4. Use the password for the lock screen. No one will be able to change your settings.

5. Install free Smart lockscreen from Google Play. Open it and turn on Enable lockscreen. Touch the setting button in the up-right corner. Touch Delay time. Set the time below 90 ms here. In this way, the thief will not be able to turn off or power off the phone. Lock the screen and press and hold the power button. See if the power menu comes up. If the power menu does not appear or disappears as soon as you press and hold, you have set it correctly. Now your mobile is safe from thieves.

. Install Dropbox on mobile. Keep Camera Upload active in Dropbox. This will save the photos taken on your lost phone to Dropbox. This will help locate the phone. Maybe the thief's own and his relative's self

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