There are many more websites besides Odesk, Elance, where you can earn good money by writing articles. In addition to these popular marketplaces, there are some other marketplaces that can be a good income by writing articles. Here are three websites:
Squidoo (
It is a popular website for publishing pages and articles. You can earn money from this website by writing different types of articles. It also has a social networking platform through which content can be shared with millions of people. Revenue will start whenever a user's writing starts to become popular
Ecopywriters (
Another popular website for making money online is e-copywriters. This website is specially designed for those who are skilled in content writing. It pays more than other websites.
Triond (
Triond is the oldest and best known website for writing content. If the content is good, it is published quickly on this website. It also pays the author on the basis of popularity.
Besides, the work of writing is an artistic work. It takes a lot of patience and time. So you may forget many topics while writing. But if you want to work well and easily, it is important to know the skills as well as the use of tools. Tools, on the one hand, are as much a source of information as they are helpful at work. There are many tools that are helpful for article writers or freelance writers. Such as:, Google Calendar.

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