The Dark Web is an element of the Wild Wide Web that exists in the Dark Net. This is a section of the Internet that is always hidden. That's why it's called Dark Web. The Dark Web will not be available if you search on the normal search engine. Different types of illegal acts are performed in the Dark Web. There are usually two webs in the world. One is the general web. That everyone can use. This is easily accessible by search engines. Another web site is the Dark Web. It won't show up when you search Google for Duca on the Dark Web site. A special application for Dooker is used in the Dark Web. It is not possible to enter the Dark Web without any application.

Explaining the Dark Web:

The Dark Web, a part of the Deep Web, cannot be indexed by the general search engine. You won't find this website when you use a search engine such as Google or Bing. But they are otherwise normal websites. The Dark Web is an overlay network that exists in the Dark Net. They build over the normal Internet, but they need special software to access them. So they are usually not visible or accessible to those who are not visible. CardNet, which constitutes the Dark Web, consists of small, small-friend-to-friend, peer-to-peer networks, as well as large networks such as Freenet, Itupi and Tor, and these networks are managed by public institutions and individuals. Although you can use Tor Browser to disable your web browsing activity on normal websites. The Tor network is also known as Onion Land. This particular website, which can only be accessed via Tor, uses Tor's privacy to disguise itself, hiding where the server is located. The server appears to be properly configured. Only people connected to Tor can see them, so they are inaccessible to the general public and it is difficult to track who visits them.

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