We use about 90% of smart phones in our daily life.  We get a lot of entertainment through smart phones.  With smart phones, we play games, play songs, watch videos and perform various tasks.  Because of our entertainment, it is often seen that most phones do not charge. When doing an important task, the charge ends.  Then we have to admit a lot of resentment. So friends do not have to worry anymore.  Here are some great tips for prolonging the battery life of your mobile phone.  Following these will increase the stability of your mobile and you will not have to worry about charging again and again.

  •  First of all you need to keep the phone brightness low.  Many of us will notice that they put a lot of brightness on the phone.  The charge of such mobiles ends very quickly.  For this reason, more brightness cannot be given than needed.

  • Secondly, we also install all the applications that we do not need on our mobile, it reduces the holding capacity of the mobile and ends up charging the mobile very quickly.  For this reason, unnecessary applications should be uninstalled.

  • Thirdly, no live theme can be used on mobile.  While the mobile phone is beautiful using the Live theme, it is very harmful to the battery, due to its use, the extra charge of the mobile phone is eliminated.  Besides, there are many themes that hang on mobile.

  • Fourth, Xtra Launcher can never be used on mobile.  Using the launcher reduces the mobility of the mobile.  Battery life of mobile phones is reduced.  Besides, different types of problems can be noted.  That's why we should refrain from launching.

  • Plus, the apps that run on your phone are always turned on, and you can use the Greenify apps from the PlayStore to keep these apps off when the phone is charged.  It will work 100% on any phone, using these apps will not be able to run any apps without the need for mobile.  And the mobile will have charge and longevity.

So friends, you can follow the above mentioned issues to prolong the charge of mobile.

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