Surface web:

The Surface Web is the only visible part of the Internet.  You can find the website of the Surface Web in general search engine.  The surface web that we are using in general is therefore the surface web.  The Surface Web is a small part of the World Wide Web and is the only accessible part of the public.

 Websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are included in the general Surface Web.  Surface web sites typically use domains like .com, .org, .in, .ae, .club, etc.  To access or access these websites, no special configuration is required.  The Surface Web is only 4% of the World Wide Web.

Deep web:

The Deep Web is an invisible part of the World Wide Web.  So it is also known as the hidden web.  Deep web site is not found in general search engine like google.  The Deep Web is unlike the Surface Web because it is not accessible to the public.  Deep Web has lots of unknown information that will surprise you.

 Deep Web is commonly used for banking, cloud storage, government information, webmail or other payment services.  Deep web or hidden web hidden behind HTTPS protocol.  Entering the Deep Web requires an IP address or a direct URL, in some cases a password or other security.

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