At present, everywhere you look in the world you can see the phone of the Android operating system. Not only the Android operating system, there are different operating systems in the world. One of the most popular operating systems is Android. Android phones are available on a low budget but its performance is not very good. Low budget phones tend to be very slow. Below are some tips for first time users of low budget phones.

  • Firstly, you can update your phone's firmware. We know the update means adding some new features. Updating firmware to a low budget phone can make things faster than before.

  • You can reset your phone when it is too slow. Reset or renew. When you buy a new phone, resetting your phone's function to the new one will reset your phone back to its previous state and function first. 
  • Warning: Resetting will erase the files stored on your phone's internal storage. For this reason, please make sure you keep the required files in the internal storage on the memory card before resetting. It should not be troubled later.

  • Secondly, check your phone's internal storage occasionally. If the storage is low then your phone is interrupted to run properly and many applications stop working.

  • You can use Speed Booster apps from PlayStore to make the phone faster than ever before. It deletes the junk files stored on the phone and the phone can run well, no lag is created.

  • Many times, using the net, Some website attacks the virus on the phone. The phone becomes very slow. You can use a good antivirus from Play Store to delete the virus. If your phone is virus free, the necessary files will be protected from damage and your phone will work faster than ever.

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