We all use Android phones. And without the net on Android phones, we do not have one at a time. We use different company sim to buy MB. There are different SIM companies in our country. Among these, the fastest and most popular Grameenphone SIM for running the net. However, the data rate on Grameenphone SIM is a  higher. It is often seen that after buying MB with more money, it ends without doing anything. Many of us complain to SIM companies for ending MB. In fact, ending this MB is not the fault of the company. Companies are giving their MB packages correctly but when we turn on the data on our phones, they are using MB's. So now the question may come where are these MB's going?
These MB's are coming to an end on various updates to our phones. And during this update our phones become very slow. 

You can use some of the following tricks to prevent it:

  • Turn off auto update from Play Store: 
  • To stop auto-updates from Play Store, first launch the Play Store app. Then click on the 3 dot menu from the menu button on your device. From the menu that comes up next, select the ‌''Auto Update Apps'' option.
  • After clicking Auto Update, three popup menus will appear from there and click on the "Do not auto-update apps" option.

Restrict background Data:

  • Now let's talk about some apps that do not stop sleeping and eating. This means that apps will continue to use this data in interactive mode. 
  • This is usually because apps are updated based on GPS data. To turn this function off, go to the Data Usage menu and launch the Restrict Background Data option.

Reduce your syncing:

  • Many of us use various widgets to enhance the beauty of our phone's home screen. For example: Weather. These widgets are updated all the time to give you accurate information. Besides having account sync turned on, it also costs a lot of data. That's why it's best to turn off the sync option. To turn this off, go to the user's accounts option in the setting and remove the mark from the automatically sync data option

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