• In our modern world, there are people who do not use Android phones. In our world, billions of people use smart phones. With this smart phone we can make the world easier. People who have a smart phone can do a lot of work by doing that. For example, watching live video calls from one end of the country to the other, massaging, listening to music, taking pictures, playing games, etc.

  • We notice a Maine problem when we use this smart phone. That's the hang of it. When we go to do a necessary task, it suddenly hangs in the middle. Here are some tips we can use to prevent it. After using these tips, we no longer have to hang out

  • One of the reasons for the mobile hang is the space of the mobile. If the space of the mobile is low, and the space of the application you use is more. Then your smart phone can hang.This is why you should avoid using  hard applications.

  • If we install the application on the internal memory instead of the memory card, our RAM can cause our phone to hang. This is why the application must be installed in the internal memory.

  • The applications that we use on our phones, every application's cookies, caches, log file, if not cleaned regularly, creates a jam on the mobile. As a result the phone slows down and hangs. That's why we need to delete regular cookies. Then our phones will work faster and hang up can be prevented.

  • Stay away from using applications that are heavier than the RAM of mobile. If the mobile's RAM is high, use enough applications. And uninstall as many applications as you can. This will not cause any excess RAM deficiency on your phone.

  • To protect from mobile hang, remove the memory, music, videos, pictures, wallpapers, ebooks etc. stored in the internal memory. This will leave your mobile's internal memory empty and mobile first working.

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