There are two aspects to everything good and bad. Likewise, Facebook has both good and bad aspects. In the absence of Awareness, we may be using Facebook most of the time for bad reasons, which is not good for us. But those who are online professionals think Facebook is the biggest Blessing of the current era. They have linked all sources of income to Facebook.

So many people from all over the world are now on Facebook, so many people can easily be touched through Facebook. So the most popular income is Facebook. The world has now come to the real hand for the benefit of Facebook. Facebook is now friendship with an American sitting in Bangladesh, knowing every moment of America's updates. And now it's not just about making friends and getting news. It is now the best source of income.

We all know how to use Facebook. Not knowing before, how can you earn without using Facebook?

1) F-Commerce:
By opening a Facebook page, e-commerce business can be done in Bangladesh. For those who are working this way, their monthly income is more Tk. Some have more income because of having a good investment. It can be anywhere from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. Product: sarees, girls dresses, gift items, etc.

Challenges: Small invest, Product Select, Product Delivery, Marketing

2) T-shirt affiliation:

At present, the most popular income source in Bangladesh is T shart affiliation. Only facebook is used for this affiliation. Thus, it is possible to earn from Tk. Product: T Shart, Mug, Hoodie, etc.

Challenge: Nish Select, Audience Target, Marketing

3) Hosting Affiliation:

Hosting Affiliation can be made only through Facebook marketing. How many cells did Income grow on. Income can be 3 rupees - 3 rupees a month. However, Hosting Affiliation cannot be taken care of. Because regular income will not be possible. Product: Hosting of different companies

Challenge: Content development, finding potential customers, marketing

4) Local business:

Local Business Now everyone is using Facebook marketing to increase profit. From Facebook business to restaurant business, fashion house to other business, you need to increase income. Product: service, training, product, etc.

Challenges: invest, product selection, skilled people, marketing

5) Local employment:

Facebook marketing is now a big factor in any business. So, in every organization, Expert people have created job opportunities for Facebook marketing. So far in the market of Bangladesh, the sector is paying a salary of Rs. Product: Service, Training, Product, etc.

Challenge: Real Job Experience, Increasing Profit in Business
1) Traffic to the site and from there Adsense:
The more traffic you can bring to a site, the more your site advertising revenue will increase. Income can be from 1 thousand to 1 lakh. Product: A blog site

Challenge: Nish Selection, Website Ready, Content Development, Marketing

6) Branding Your Own Skills:

If you consider yourself a skill, but are not getting a job anywhere, then I would say, you promote your skills through Facebook. If you know many skills through Facebook then you will not lack work. Work will find you out. Then you can't finish working. Product: Own Skills.

Challenge: Content development, being active in skills related groups, marketing

7) Fever Gig Cell Growth:

The higher the promotion of gig in Fiverr, the higher the gig sell will be. But you must have the right knowledge to run Facebook promotion. Product: Fever Gig

Challenge: Being able to target audiences, developing content, marketing

8) Work in Marketplace:

As Facebook is a great marketing platform, there are many jobs available in the marketplace. You can earn from 1 to 5 thousand rupees a month. Product: Service Challenge as per Bayer Requirement: Proof of work knowledge, ability to do Bayer convention and reporting.

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