The Scottish mathematician John Napier (5-9) developed a machine called the Napier bone, for the calculation of small pieces of ivory.  Napier's bone was an analog or comparative counting anthem.  Later, the French scientist Reise Pachychal (122-12) was able to create the first counting machine with wheels.  The wheel could be rotated on both sides so there would be no difficulty in subtracting the yoga.  For the next 3 years, the renowned German mathematician Leibniz (1646-1716) developed another computational device that could be divided into multiples.

 He also built a four-function calculator three centuries ago.
 The British citizen, known as the father of modern computers, is remembered by the name of Charles Babbage (12-5).  He built the differential engine or subtraction based computation machine in 1222 with the help of the government.  (ada augusta lovelace) Ginger Agusta Lavlach is the world's first computer programmer.  Howard Iffen Harvard of the United States, with the help of the IBM Company, built the world's first electrical computer in the world, with the help of the IBM Company, for about 3-5 years.  This was the realization of Charles Babbage's analytics engine.

 Computer Generation:
 First generation: From 1 to 5 years, the computer is called the first generation.
 Dr. Atanasof Barry Computer.  For research.
 Second Generation: From 1 to 5 years, computers are called second generation.
 Reviewing the history of the counting machine reveals that about four thousand years ago, the Chinese invented the abacus counting machine.  Called ancestors of computers.  Since then, modern computers have been discovered across various stages.

 In 4, Charles Babbage, a British mathematician, created the basic outline of modern computers.  Called the father of modern computers.  Reflecting the concept of Charles Babbes, an electronic computer named Mark-1 was invented by Howard Ekin in the 5th.  Scientists at Harvard University and the famous IBM company worked to create this computer. The biggest revolution in computer was through the invention of microprocessor.  In Intel, the first Intel company in the US made the first microprocessor.  The microprocessor is a unit of embedding thousands of transistors in small silicon pans, one square inch in size.  Computers made with microprocessors are modern microcomputer or personal computers.


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