Income can be earned from various websites, small and easy. Today I will review some such websites. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to earn great online money. You don't have to work full-time here. By working only 3 to 5 hours a day, you can earn very good income. In this digital age you will be able to meet your small needs by earning from online.

Let's get acquainted with the websites -

1. User Testing

User Testing Website is a very interesting website. Here you will need to open an account to test the video, after completing the video you will start receiving new video test notifications or updates in your email. They will give you the task of reviewing various websites or testing the website and you have to complete it successfully. After successfully completing the task, you will be required to provide the screen shortcut on your computer and send it to you as a Prov. It will take you 5 to 20 minutes to test each website.
Here are the basics: By visiting the website you have to test how important or user friendly the website is for a user. And for every website test they will pay you 1 to 5 dollars which will pay you from Tk. 5,000 to Tk.

2. Perk

The Perk website is quickly becoming popular, and they are constantly opening up new avenues for freelancer income. The best and fastest way to generate income on this website is to download their app from Perk Tv and watch TV in your home, among many apps, and watching TV means you know that watching TV shows ads from different companies. And they will pay you a portion of the income they earn to view these ads.

However, Perk TV will give you an online Gift Card without any cash payment, allowing you to buy any product including mobile, tabs, laptops, from Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, Target and many other online selling platforms.

3. Top Cash Back

The Top Cash Back website is unique in that it offers you a 5% commission if you make any purchase online through this website. That means the money you buy will be back from Top Cash Back as a commission.

Not great Talking now What is the profit of their business if they give you the entire money commission? The question certainly turns your head. But let me tell you. Their business is to display ads and proposals from different companies on the home page from which they earn more than the commission paid to you. 

4. Zoom bucks

Zoom bucks is another website that will pay you to watch videos. The more you watch their videos, the more they will pay you. But beyond watching videos, there are other ways to earn from the Zoom bucks website, including playing games.

5. Fushion Cash

The Fushion Cash website will pay you to watch their videos online and listen to FM Radio. However, these TVs and radios are not their own, but third-party TVs and radios from which they receive payment and pay part of their audience and audience.

6. Cash Crate

The Cash Crate website pays for a variety of tasks, including watching videos, shopping, playing games, participating in various online competitions.

7. Swag bucks

From watching videos to playing online surveys or playing, there are a variety of fun things to do on this website that will pay you a little money to do so at the same time. On the Swag bucks website you can earn 25 to 5 dollars per day.


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