A website can change your life.
A website can skyrocket your experience.
A website can distinguish your thinking from others.

Before you read today's article, you will create a website. If you've decided to create a website, keep reading this article.

When you are thinking of creating a website (especially a blog); So one of the questions that come to your mind is, how do you make your website with Blogger? Or make it with WordPress?

And since there are already some articles and tutorials on WordPress; So today, I should discuss a little more about these very frequently asked questions. You may be online
Thinking about blogging or writing. So it is very important for you to blogging or writing about the medium you actually use. Because it depends on the platform for writing

How would you design your own blog or website?
Can you post content on your website?
What are the benefits of your website? And in what ways do you want to earn from your website?


Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. However, it was first invented in Pigeon Lab 4 and was initially named Blogspot, a blogspot, the first free blog posting platform on the Internet. Google bought it from Pigeon Lab in 2000, thinking of Google's future needs. Google then brought blogspot into their own server on the 21st and turned it into a free blogging platform without any subscription charges. Google later names it 'blogspot' from 'blogger'.

WordPress (WordPress):

Founder Matt Mullenweg released this special content management system 'WordPress' on May 27th to create Blog Websites. Where Blogger is hosted on Google's servers; There you have to download WordPress from WordPress.org and install it on your own web hosting or web server. WordPress is currently ranked as the world's best web content management system.

In today's article, I will discuss exactly which platform is best for you; And in Blogger and WordPress, what do you enjoy and what will not.

Your website costs:

When you choose one of the two as your blogging platform, here's a question about how long your website will last. The easiest way is to say how long your website will be live on the internet. This is much easier for Blogger. Because in Blogger, you do not have to pay any tension on your website hosting; Because Google has taken responsibility for hosting your website here. So if you create a website with Blogger's default domain; However, as long as Google comes, your website and blog will remain intact as long as you have a blog.

Since you can also use a custom domain on Blogger, your website will always be active if you renew your domain on a regular basis. So for the Blogger Website you will spend a year only for the domain from 1 to 20 + Rs. Depending on what domain you are buying from here. The .COM domain will cost you 3-4 rupees a year.

Your main expense in terms of WordPress website is for Domain and Hosting!

On the other hand, in the domain of WordPress, your hosting plan should be renewed regularly and kept updated. If any of your domain addresses and hosting plans are closed, the website will no longer be visible to readers. Many times the dedicated IP for the website, even if the domain is gone, you may access the site; But what will happen to the readers? So the WordPress website will remain active as long as you are spending money behind the website.

Similarly, a domain like Blogger will cost you here; You can also buy SSL certificates for your website, which means a secure connection to your website. Details about SSL certificates will be published in a blog.

In any case, SSL certificates can cost from $ 5 to $ 5 per year, depending on which SSL certificate pack you purchase. But now a free SSL service called 'Let's Encrypt' can be found in your webhosting panel; And it will also work as a free secure connection for your WordPress site. Let's say your most important cost is the hosting cost of your site; And in this case you can spend up to 3 rupees a month for a very cheap premium, and at the beginning of the self-hosted WordPress site you can choose Hosting!

Theme for the Website

Google has a number of default themes for Blogger, but in most cases you may not like it. But Problem is not for you to have many third party themes that you can use on your Blogger website; There are many free themes and many are paid. Blogger themes are usually called templates. However, compared to the theme of WordPress, the features are much less available here.

Hughes developer friendly environment of WordPress and its fa


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